Meet the team

Our incredible team of professionals will help you on your journey.

David DeMesquita

Whatcha know about me? I’m David, and I’m on a mission to help people live happier healthier lives. As a competitive bodybuilding athlete with my own gut issues, I learned early on about optimizing the body internally to see external results too. My passion for hormones and autoimmune and digestive issues stemmed from family and close friends I witnessed the struggle and eventually I started helping more people while working in corporate IT positions. I officially started coaching full-time in 2021 after 6 years of coaching behind the scenes. I have been honored to work with a wide range from the general populous to professional athletes (including IFBB Pro Olympians) and everyone in between.

I got my hands on experience in women’s health when the closest women around me were experiencing hormone and thyroid issues. And it gave me the passion to learn, help and heal them as well. Now, I have used that and additional relative experience with thousands of clients to improve hypothalamic pituitary axis for healthy periods, balanced hormones, improved thyroid functionality and overall improved aesthetics and sense of well being

Over 10 years of competitive bodybuilding experience. Working directly with functional and medical doctors, mentored by some of the best in the industry including Scott Stevenson Ph.D., John Meadows, Matt Porter, Austin Stout

Caroline DeMesquita

COO and Goddess of leg days, Caroline believes fitness starts within. She leads clients to improve their internal selves through self-love and wound-healing practices while optimizing hormones and training!

Caroline is a recovering perfectionist. She loves traveling, adventuring outdoors, and getting in tune with her spirituality through meditation and journaling. She has a sweet tooth and loves making healthy baked goods!!

  • 2x Wellness Champion & Figure Champion
  • 2022 Top 5 Wellness and Bikini National Level Competitor
  • 5 Years of Coaching Experience
  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition 2020 – Gut Course

Brandon Chan

As our Head Coach, Brandon’s mission is to help as many people reach their fitness goals as possible while having fun doing it! Brandon is a certified personal trainer and men’s physique champion who has competed in 6 shows since 2017.

His mission is to help as many people reach their fitness goals as possible and to showcase how living a healthy lifestyle really isn’t as difficult as it looks. Once people realize that they are in full control of their own health, it becomes much more simple to manage.

  • 10+ Years In Person Trainer and 2 Years Online Coaching
  • 1st place 2022 Vancouver Open
  • 2nd place 2022 Vancouver Pro Am
  • 1st Place + Overall Men’s Physique – 2020 Open Vancity Showdown
  • Top 15 at 2021 North Americans

Tolga Temizkan

Tolga Temizkan joins the DeMesquita Nutrition team with over 15 years national-level sports experience and 13 years of strength training expertise. He has competed in Rugby, National Swim Teams, Judo & Karate. He has pride in being a health coach who rectifies health markers and problem-solves Blood Work with diet nutrition and the use of Natural health supplements.

He specializes in body recomposition, competition prep and physique improvements by optimizing bloodwork and biomarkers and is excited to expand his current business in Australia across the world.

Tolga has been directly coached by David Demesquita as well as other well know coaches such as Steve Miller (also known as Vigorous Steve on YouTube). He also studies under various medical practitioners in the Nephrology Departments and Pharmacology industry.

His hobbies are video games, anime & cooking and Tolga is a foodie who especially loves Japanese, Mediterranean and making his own clean burgers!

Selin Steinacher

Selin (Suh-Lynn) is a certified functional health coach with DeMesquita Nutrition. She has been in the fitness industry for 10+ years.

Her foundation is built on a degree in Biochem, multiple personal training certifications, nutrition certificates, and functional health certifications. More importantly, she has worked with hundreds of clients healing their hormones and guts, optimizing lifestyles for enhanced physiques, and putting autoimmune disorders into remission with a more root cause approach.

She is Turkish and bilingual and loves connecting with people from different parts of the world. She is passionate about the Health and Fitness industry and loves spending her free time with her husband and their three Frenchies.

Jesse Marji

Jesse’s passion for the gym was cultivated at a young age, thanks to the influence of a bodybuilding-centric upbringing by her mother and uncle. With a wealth of experience in the fitness world, Jesse is ready to share her knowledge and expertise with online clients focusing on health beyond the aspects of weight loss and gain.

Jesse’s approach to fitness extends beyond the physical realm; she is deeply committed to helping clients achieve mental and holistic growth. Her personal struggle with binge eating disorder growing up has fueled a desire to support others facing similar mental and physical challenges, focusing on gut health, hormones, and the importance of stress management. Jesse’s goal is to provide understanding and guidance to clients on their journeys to growth all under the direct mentorship of David Demesquita.

Jesse is a cat person, absolutely love video games (specifically call of duty), and a cereal connoisseur

Kory Thompson

Kory is here to be the last coach you’ll ever need! He is passionate about guiding you in achieving the healthy lifestyle you’ve dreamed of and making certain you feel good doing it.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition- Dietetics, coached directly by David DeMesquita, has been in the fitness realm for over ten years, and competes in Men’s Physique.Whether you’re new to fitness, looking to optimize your hormones, or taking your training to the next level, Kory is here to help you reach  your goals.

Kory is a bonafide foodie. He loves exploring new places and finding the best dishes they have to offer. He’s also passionate about photography, videography, and loves to learn the guitar, write, and spend time with his German Shepherd, Storm.

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