the Future of Coaching

At DeMesquita Nutrition, our online coaching team works what could be considered by others as “unsolvable” health cases. We use a time-efficient dynamic approach to transform your body into a machine in 90 days.

We evaluate and optimize what might be happening inside the body so that the outside can respond–and do so just as quickly!

After that, the world is your oyster. Whether you want to build and sculpt, tone and chisel or possibly hit a competition stage, everything is customized to your goals and specific lifestyle.

We work with everyday people just like you. Yes, we have many top tier professional athletes. Many of our clients are business owners and executives, military personnel, healthcare professionals and even stay at home moms ready to put themselves first.

If you are looking to take your health and physique to the next level, let’s get on a free discovery call today.

The majority of adults struggle with health problems. The problem is so ingrained in our society, that most accept their symptoms as normal. 

And we know, athletes can also be affected by all of the above.

Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and competitors also struggle. A LOT. 

When prepping for a bodybuilding competition, many athletes will neglect the effects that it has on their health. 

Just because you exercise and control calories, doesn’t mean you are healthy. 

Many competitors actually have to abandon the stage life due to damage done by an unhealthy prep phase. 

Guess what?

  • Feeling exhausted all the time ISN’T normal.
  • Bloating and constipation all the time ISN’T normal.
  • Having to use birth control pills for painful periods ISN’T normal. 
  • Constantly having mood swings ISN’T normal.
  • Not being able to lose weight no matter how much you try ISN’T normal.

You can feel better.

You deserve to feel better.

With us, you can reach your absolute peak and keep going.

About me

Hi, I’m David DeMesquita, the Founder and CEO of DeMesquita Nutrition

I’m a professional coach and national bodybuilder based in Atlanta, Georgia. Through a holistic and functional approach, I aim to help others create a lifestyle for health, longevity, and maximum athletic performance.

I first started learning about health when I experienced several issues. I was diagnosed with SIBO, GERD, and leaky gut, triggered by IBS. I went to six different doctors, and NONE of them had a long-term solution for me. So I took it upon myself to learn how to naturally treat, heal, and put my IBS into remission. For years now, I have been able to manage my symptoms and continue learning different, innovative approaches to health. I got my hands-on experience in women’s health when the closest women around me were experiencing hormone and thyroid issues. And it gave me the passion to learn, help and heal them as well. Now, I have used that and additional relative experience with thousands of clients to improve the hypothalamic-pituitary axis for healthy periods, balanced hormones, improved thyroid functionality and overall improved aesthetics and sense of well-being.

I have been in the competitive bodybuilding scene for six years, personally competing in three national-level shows: Universe, Nationals, and JR USA. During this time, I have helped some of the top bodybuilders in the world achieve their best looks to date.

What genuinely gives me fulfilment is helping others feel better and become more successful. Most of my clients have gone through various coaches who did NOT treat them individually. All our services are customized to YOU and your specific lifestyle and needs. Whether you are just trying to drop a few pounds, improve your bloodwork for your longevity, have a leaner look for a photo shoot, or compete in a bodybuilding competition – we can help you.

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