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To us, coaching is not just about having a coach-client relationship. You become our family. We are dedicated to helping individuals like you discover their true potential, overcome obstacles and health challenges, and create a life you love.

David DeMesquita
Founder and CEO

David DeMesquita is a functional health coach on a mission to “make lives better”. Many know of him on Instagram as “Dynamite D” for his honest, down to earth word posts about bodybuilding, health and business. For nearly 10 years, he has helped people from a wide range of backgrounds to not just optimize internal systems, but ALSO achieve their best physiques ever.

He has worked with some of the top Olympians in the IFBB and continues to help athletes of all ages and experiences. His passion for hormones, autoimmune and digestive issues stemmed from family and close friends he witnessed struggling. David officially founded his coaching company, DeMesquita Nutrition, in 2021 after leaving a corporate IT position and building his knowledge from medical doctors and world-renowned practitioners. He works with his team of coaches to further expand his reach to help others with their health and fitness journeys.

David has over 11 years of his own competitive bodybuilding experience, being coached directly by some of the best in the industry including the late Matt Porter and John Meadows, and Austin Stout. His love for the sport continues, as he continues sharing content on his YouTube channel with show predictions and division analysis. Outside of fitness, David is a nerd, and enjoys playing various PC video games and watching anime. He enjoys weekend house projects and playing with his Bengal cats, Luke and Leia. He and his wife Caroline reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Everyone is bio-individual, and you deserve to work with a coach as unique and personal as you are! 

Want to talk? Book a Free Consult!
Want to talk? Book a Free Consult!
Want to talk? Book a Free Consult!

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Coaches have the ability to view things from afar - in what some call helicopter vision - and to shed new light on difficult situations.

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